July & August 2018 Printable Calendar [PDF, Word, Excel]

The best place in July hot season is to visit is US. People who live in US have surely decided to visit which place in US. And if you have not planned it then do not delay in this work. Take July 2018 Calendar of US and start making plan. Because to make a proper plan or schedule you must need a calendar of July month only then you will be able to make a plan. As dates and days knowledge is must in this case.

Printable Calendar 2018 for July & August

Printable Calendar 2018 for July & August, Calendar 2018 for July & August

So, here, in this article I am going to discuss about United States July 2018 calendar. In the month of July there comes many other holidays also. If you are working in the agency or organizations where there is no option of July month holidays then do not worry, you will get other July month holidays and can schedule your plan for these days.  For making daily schedule you also need a calendar. For the citizens of US I am providing here, United States calendar. You can have a look at this calendar and can also download this calendar.

July 2018 Calendar

July 2018 Calendar, July 2018 Calendar Printable
In the month of July in US, there comes World Ocean Day on 8th of July. Here, in this year 2018 there is Friday on this special day so, you will get consecutive three holidays in this week. After this, there comes most special day for United States a citizen that is FLAG DAY which is celebrated on 14th of July in US. 

August 2018 Calendar

August 2018 Calendar, August 2018 Calendar Printable
Here, in US two days collapse on 14th of July 2018, i.e FLAG DAY and BLOOD DONORS DAY. So, if you are eligible to donate blood I think one should definitely participate in this Holy work.  Father’s day is also celebrated in US. So, you can celebrate all these days in July month. And if you suffer from bad memory to remember these days then don’t worry here is solution that is July month calendar with these special days, which I will provide in this article to you.

July and August Calendar 2018

July and August Calendar 2018, July and August Calendar 2018 Template

And off course if there is someone’s special person lies in this month you can mark their birthday as well in this calendar. This will work as reminder for you. As whenever you will use this July month calendar you will get to remind about the particular date you have marked.

In this way, July, August 2018 calendar US can help you a lot in making proper schedule of this month and to celebrate varies days of this month as well.


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